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The SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is active in many humanitarian interventions, known as Company Karma Projects. 

This has given rise to a number of successful Company Karma Projects; some have grown into wide-scale initiatives through years of dedication, while others are still taking form as they develop. Common for them all is that they have become great inspirational sources for us, our employees and customers.

Project 2018
New Egg Cooler
Project 2018

The past 2 years in total 3,284,760 hard-boiled eggs have been distributed to children in need in the suronding areas and to the orphans living at Project Caanan - all produced on our machine.

In November 2018 a new donation from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and SANOVO EGG GROUP will arrive in Swaziland - an egg cooling machine. The warm weather in Swaziland have been a challenge and a sollution to cool down the eggs was needed. We have therefore decided to support the Heart for Africa project for the next 3 years with the installation and delivery of a cooling machine.

We hope that this can benefit the local communities but also to the orphans at Project Caanan even more, and we are very proud to be partner in this amaizing project.

Learn more about the project and how we contribute here

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Project 2017
Donation to International Egg Foundation
Project 2017

Our Karma Project of the year 2017 is a donation of 30,000 USD to the IEF. This donation is based on the sales of GraderPro and other machines this year.

Quote from IEF:

The funds donated to the IEF help create a sustainable food supply and self-sufficiency in our project countries. Supporting egg production to provide high quality protein for vulnerable children, their carers and the local population. Communities also benefit from long term vocational training and educational opportunities to provide true sustainability for the future with local people becoming involved in the production and consumption of their own eggs.

The IEF works with international and local NGOs, agencies and charities to develop tools and best practice guidelines to improve access to information and education. We partner with existing development projects and organisations to help boost natural human immune systems and improve the standard of human nutrition through better access to high quality protein.

Project 2016
Project 2016

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP have, together with our employees and suppliers, donated a complete boiling machine to the Project Canaan Egg Farm in Swaziland, South Africa. The machine is specially designed by our engineers in order to accommodate local conditions. The entire operation is supported by solar energy.

Learn about the project

Project 2015
Solar lamps to Nepal - Project WAWCAS
Project 2015

In 2015, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and SANOVO Lactosan Ingredients Group have decided, in cooperation with WAWCAS, to send lamps to the earthquake-affected Nepal.

Together with WAWCAS, we provided women in one of the affected areas with 1,000 solar lamps. The women are given the opportunity to develop and run their own businesses and cooperatives and, at the same time, secure their children's education.

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Projects 2007-2014
Feed The Hungry - Project Malawi
Projects 2007-2014

In cooperation with DanChurchAid, the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has decided to support the setting up of an egg laying farm in Malawi. The main product of the chicken farm will be to produce and sell eggs to local institutions or at the local market.

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Company Karma brochure
Company Karma brochure
Company Karma brochure

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