Company Karma
Company Karma is our CSR version 3.0.

Not only do we care about the UN Global Compact Principles, we have taken this to a new level of holistic thinking, giving ownership and actively encouraging increased involvement and shared leverage with customers, partners and other branches.

For us, Company Karma covers everything from our employees showing social responsibility by volunteering to train the local football team, to our company providing free equipment for a hen farm in Swaziland or reducing energy usage at our plants.

We believe that initiatives need to be embedded in our key business to make it credible. We try, where possible, to create quadruple winning situations where we, together with our companies, customers and partners, engage in a cause which we believe in and find important.

Therefore, Company Karma is our business philosophy of 'doing good' while doing business as a way to create more value for society, but also value for the company itself.

CSR Policy

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we are aware of our social responsibilities and especially responsibilities to our own stakeholders. These include employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant interested parties.

We are also aware that we must ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. We have therefore decided to align our company’s social responsibility with the UN Global Compact. This means the company is committed to the ten universally accepted principles of the UN Global Compact which we have divided into three key focus areas: Human, Globe & Economy.

We are part of the overall Company Karma report which is issued by THORNICO.

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Company Karma Projects

Boiling and cooling machine to Swaziland - Project Canaan Egg Farm

Project 2016

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP have, together with our employees and suppliers, donated a complete boiling and cooling machine to the Project Canaan Egg Farm in Swaziland, South Africa. The machine is specially designed by our engineers in order to accommodate local conditions. The entire operation is supported by solar energy.

As soon as the machine is delivered to the farm, we will frequently update the stories.

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Solar lamps to Nepal - Project WAWCAS

Project 2015

In 2015, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and SANOVO Lactosan Ingrediens Group have decided, in cooperation with WAWCAS, to send lamps to the earthquake-affected Nepal.

We are, at the moment, together with WAWCAS, working on providing women in one of the affected areas with 1,000 solar lamps. The women are given the opportunity to develop and run their own businesses and cooperatives and, at the same time, secure their children's education.

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Feed The Hungry - Project Malawi

Projects 2007-2014

In cooperation with DanChurchAid, the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has decided to support the setting up of an egg laying farm in Malawi. The main product of the chicken farm will be to produce and sell eggs to local institutions or at the local market.

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We are part of something bigger

Company Karma in THORNICO

We live in a world that becomes increasingly smaller, more transparent and interconnected. Due to globalisation, limitless Internet access and a constant information flow, we act on a global level, blurring national borders and produce and sell worldwide. This is also the case for the THORNICO Group and its companies.

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SANOVO Group of companies winner in 2010

Crystal Egg Award

The SANOVO Group of companies has been awarded the prestigious Crystal Egg Award at the 2010 International Egg Conference held in Prague. At the Gala Banquet on Thursday September 23rd, the trophy was presented to Christian Stadil, by Frank Pace (IEC Chairman).

SANOVO’s presentation was given by Christian Stadil, the owner of THORNICO, including the SANOVO Group of companies, during the Showcase for Marketing Eggsellence. The presentation highlighted the company’s efforts within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on a global scale. SANOVO Group has launched COMPANY KARMA as their CSR version 3.0. Through COMPANY KARMA, SANOVO now has the ability to make an impact in the commu­ nities where they do business, improve living standards as well as an opportunity to implement environmental change.