Semi-Automatic Decapper

Semi-Automatic Decapper

A series of single station machines is available from ramé-hart to fill the need for small to medium-size manufacturers of embryonic egg-cultured vaccines.

The semi-automatic egg machines incorporate the inoculating and harvesting components normally used in our fully-automated machines. Only the tray-handling and positioning mechanisms have been eliminated. In this way, although the trays must be loaded manually and the spent eggs manually unloaded, much of the cost of the automatic inoculating/harvesting system has been eliminated while still using the proven inoculating and harvesting methods.

Another advantage of the semi-automatic machines is that they can be easily modified to work with different size egg trays and other special custom requirements.

The semi-automatic machines are also available with the needle sanitizing option on the inoculator and fluid inspection and rejection on the harvester.
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