News from SANOVO

Bring your self up to date wtih new products and news from the egg processing industry in below news list.

A new generation of OptiLoaders

- Increased capacity  
- New stack in-feed system ensuring the most accurate alignment in thede-stacker 
  module. Based on a dual speed belt infeed
- New retaining system for stuck eggs
- New empty tray stack handling system ensuring more stable and gentle stacking 
  of empty trays
- New vacuum system, better hold of the eggs and less energy consumption.
- Optimization of the drive system
- New CIP recycling system
- More layout variations possible due to flexible configurations andcompact size 

These PLUS features are available on the 12 and 18 row OptiLoaders.

The loaders are also available in Combi versions(In-line / Off-line) for the grading industry. Withthe combi versions, it is possible to operate with a number of rows on theinfeed table to be filled from the accumulator and the rest by the loader.
The specialswing arm construction ensures a synchronized speed between the eggs in thesuction cups and the spools on the roller infeed conveyor.

Watch a movie with the OptiLoader PLUS 12C here

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