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At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we are aware of our social responsibilities and especially responsibilities to our own stakeholders. These include employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant interested parties. We are also aware that we must ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. We have therefore decided to align our company’s social responsibility with the UN Global Compact. This means the company is committed to the ten universally accepted principles of the UN Global Compact.

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Feed The Hungry - Project Malawi 

In cooperation with DanChurchAid the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has decided to support the setting up of a egg laying farm in Malawi.The main product of the chicken farm will be to produce and sell eggs to local institutions or on the local market.

So far the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and DanChurchAid have committed five years to the chicken project starting December 2007. The project will be followed closely with exchange of information and know-how, and we invite everybody to follow the story of the Malawi project at our websites.

In the THORNICO Group of companies we have taken a clear stand on relevant issues and we strive to clearly state our position on issues that our stakeholders find particulary important. Learn more about other CSR in the THORNICO group under THORNICO CSR Initiatives.

Malawi update vol. 1

Malawi update vol. 2

Malawi update vol. 3

Malawi update vol. 4

Malawi update vol. 5

Malawi update vol. 6

Malawi update vol. 7

Malawi update vol. 8

Feed Education - Project Sierra Leone

In October 2010, a project was initiated to build children’ssoccer schools in Sierra Leone.

The first school is now up and running and each week morethan 50 children between 5 and 15 years participate with great joy andcommitment. The increased motivation for living and achieving is alreadyobvious. In a country with 69% illiteracy, 80% of the participating childrenhave passed their exams this semester.

Sierra Leone is the poorest country in the world and socceris one of the only lights in the darkness.

Sierra Leone Update vol 1

Sierra Leone Update vol 2

Feed Freedom - Project Afghanistan

Under theTaliban rule, football was prohibited and female athletes were executed in thenational stadium to scare the Afghans from engaging in such activities. Butwith the fall of the regime came the opportunity for both men and women topursue their passion. Even though it is still a dangerous hobby, football isgrowing in popularity, and we see it as an important element in building a positiveatmosphere in Afghanistan.

On the 29th of October 2010, hummel, NATO and the AFF arranged a friendly match betweenstationed ISAF troops in Kabul and the Afghan Women’s National Team. It was agreat victory for football, for Afghanistan and for oppressed women all over theworld. (In August, Afghanistan was named the worst place in the world to be a woman.)

Afghanistan Update vol 1


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