STAALKAT Farmgrader 80

STAALKAT Farmgrader 80

Universal grading unit to be used in combination with any Hatchery Packer, Farmpacker, egg conveyor belt, or as a stand alone system.

The STAALKAT Farmgrader 80 can be connected to any egg conveyor belt separating incoming egg flow in up to four different categories. When used in combination with a STAALKAT Hatchery Packer, or any other brand, it can separate the non-hatching sizes out of the incoming egg flow.

Stand alone unit made in a stainless steel washable construction. Compact layout combined with detachable shelves. Easy to operate by means of a colour touchscreen. Data can be transferred to a USB device and imported in to MS Excel. In addition to being an ideal grader for hatcheries and breeder farms the STAALKAT Farmgrader 80 can also be used in any poultry farm where a preweight selection is required.

  • 80 cases per hour / 28.000 eggs per hour
  • Number of exits: standard 3
  • 4 different weight classes can be programmed at 1 exit
  • Weight classes are programmable with touch screen
  • Digital load cell scales
  • Operation via colour touchscreen
  • Control box can be placed on either sides
  • Stainless steel washable construction

Capacity 28.000 eggs per hour 
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