STAALKAT OptiGrader 600

STAALKAT OptiGrader 600

The SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP brings you a new generation of egg grading and packing with the STAALKAT OptiGrader having a capacity up to 600 cases per hour, 216,000 eggs per hour.

The STAALKAT gentle egg handling and new software gives every owner the opportunity to pack more Grade A eggs.

This new generation is setting higher standards in:
  • food safety
  • egg quality
  • ease of cleaning
  • sanitation
  • machine performance
  • reliability
  • cases per man hour and a low usage of spare parts. 

The details in this design will make a significant difference in machine efficiency and operating costs in a challenging 7 day a week inline or double shift operation. STAALKAT provides a real alternative in egg grading with a machine design that makes sense and the industry is familiar with.

OptiGrader 600 in-line capacity:
OptiGrader 600 off-line capacity: 
216.000 eggs per hour (600 cases) 
201.600 eggs per hour (560 cases) 

Click on the link to view or right-click on the link and choose “Save link/destination as” to download.

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